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Bo Hu Lun Jin6.13出请数据利多黄金暴涨后市如何操作?

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Multiple orders:

Radical2305附近尝试,稳健2295There are many light positions nearby, stop loss8USD, target20--30dollar

Empty order:

Radical2332附近尝试,稳健2345Nearby light warehouse empty, stop loss8USD, target20--30dollar

Bo Hu's Message on Gold: As a lone soldier, do you feel like you are walking on thin ice in this financial market and struggling to move forward? If you are tired of unproductive investments and lost in the foggy market; If you suffer losses one after another but feel unwilling. So, it's time to change the status quo. Good birds choose trees to live on, your choices determine your future!

The above views only represent the personal views of Bohu Lunjin. Thank you for your continuous support. Welcome to share, share, and comment, let's grow together! If you feel that the above views on Bo Hu Lun Jin are helpful to you, you can try adding Bo Hu Lun JinvxNumber“KD1394”There will be timely updates every daygoldStrategic analysis can also provide real-time guidance and one-on-one consulting services, dedicated to answering every investment challenge you face.

Comprehensive guidance teacher: Bo Hu Lun Jin Micro(KD1394)

Direction guidance time: early7:00In the early morning of the next day2:00

Wen/Bo Hu Lun Jin

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