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Traveling through social media and sharing posts on mobile phones is that simple

  • 1. How to navigate to mobile posts? Have you noticed anything extra in the top right corner (i.e. to the right of the title) while browsing the post?
    That's right, it's a QR code. Then put the mouse on the interview and try it out
    The entire QR code image is displayed. Open WeChat or other QR code scanning software to scan and see
    Taking WeChat as an example:
    Open WeChat in the upper right corner+Select from the number function options Scan
    Align the scan box with our QR code and scan. If the scan is successful, a prompt sound will appear and a jump will begin
    Duang Duang Duang...  Isn't it really cool to successfully navigate to mobile browsing?

    2. Quickly share it on your social circle... What should I do when I see a good post and want to share it on my social circle for everyone to see?
    After successfully navigating to the phone, we will continue to find the feature options in the upper right corner and select the "Share to Moments" option, which will redirect again
    After jumping to the sharing interface, you can set viewing permissions, describe and comment on the post yourself, and then click 'Send' to proceed
    Is it very convenient? Guys, quickly take out your phone and give it a try... ^_^
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