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Dingsheng Jinshi:9.23今日黄金走势分析,利空出尽,美指受阻,...

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  美联储发布的最新预测显示,明年利率将达到4.6%的峰值,在2024年之前不会降息。美联储周四一如预期将政策利率目标区间再提高75Basis points, to3%-3.25%. Federal Reserve11Monthly interest rate increase50Bps to3.50%-3.75%The probability of the interval is30.3%Interest rate hike75The probability of a basis point is69.7%Interest rate hike100The probability of a basis point is0%; reach12Monthly cumulative interest rate increase100The probability of a basis point is30.2%Accumulated interest rate increase125The probability of a basis point is69.6%Accumulated interest rate increase150The probability of a basis point is0.2%在俄罗斯总统普京周三下令征召预备役到乌克兰作战后,美元已经受到避险资产需求的支撑。日本当局自1998年以来首次以买进日元干预汇市后,日元周四全面劲升。


Operation suggestion: Gold1680Near empty, stop loss1686, Objective1670、1660;下方1668,1660不破亦可短多!

  ——9.23crude oil方面——


Operation suggestion: crude oil82.8There are many light positions nearby, stop loss82.2, Objective84、85.6; upper85.6不破亦可做空看震荡!

Serve as an analyst and commentator for well-known financial channels such as "Golden Net" and "Globalforeign exchange》Professional contributors to several well-known financial forums such as "Huitong Net" and "Zhongjin Net", specializing in short, medium, and long term operations of gold, crude oil, and silver. Investment is risky, and caution should be exercised when entering the market. Suggestions are for reference only; This article is original by Dingsheng Jinshi, who carefully writes every analysis and conveys valuable investment concepts. If there is any similarity, it is purely plagiarism. Readers should be discerning and respect originality!

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