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Fang Yuan said Jin:9.22How to operate a golden night with plenty of free time? Trend analysis and operational strategies

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    For inbound investmentsgoldcrude oilOur friends may not be able to access the top news or news in the international market due to work, life, and other issues, which is a great challenge for gold and crude oil production. Therefore, Fang Yuan welcomes investment friends to come to me and communicate and make progress together. Whether to make money depends on the timing of buying up and selling down, making money depends on opportunities, investing on wisdom, and financial management relies on professionalism. Fang Yuan focuses on analyzing spot gold, US crude oil, and goldT+DSilverT+DPaper gold, paper silver, London goldforeign exchangeGold, international crude oil, precious metals and other financial and financial investment products. A professional team conducts online analysis and provides one-on-one real-time guidance to help investors avoid risks, expand profits, and keep you informed of international market trends anytime and anywhere, making the most robust orders.

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Fang Yuan said Jin:9.22How to operate a golden night with plenty of free time? Trend analysis and operational strategies688 / author:Fang Yuan Talks about Gold / PostsID:1714455

  Here is my current price order within the group. Real time updates every day. I usually have real-time layout of current price orders for everyone to keep up with. As a straightforward person, I won't keep accurate market trends. As long as I have accurate orders, I will enter the group through current price orders!
Fang Yuan said Jin:9.22How to operate a golden night with plenty of free time? Trend analysis and operational strategies447 / author:Fang Yuan Talks about Gold / PostsID:1714455 Fang Yuan said Jin:9.22How to operate a golden night with plenty of free time? Trend analysis and operational strategies395 / author:Fang Yuan Talks about Gold / PostsID:1714455

Analysis of the trend of gold market;

    Overnight Fed raises interest rates as scheduled75A basis point, but conveying hawkish signals in terms of interest rate guidance. The Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates again before the end of the year125Basis points. When discussing a significant interest rate hike, Federal Reserve Chairman Powell stated at a subsequent press conference that it is highly likely that there will be a period of economic growth below trend levels. But he also pointed out that if price stability cannot be restored, it will lead to "greater pain in the future". The Federal Reserve reiterated that it is appropriate to expect sustained interest rate hikes and reiterated that the committee is highly concerned about inflation risks. Federal Reserve officials expect monetary policy to take a tougher line. The significant increase in the median of the closely watched dot matrix indicates that the Federal Reserve is committed to fighting inflation.2023、2024The expected median federal funds interest rates at the end of the year are4.6%,3.9%, significantly higher than6Monthly expected3.8%、3.4%. The expectation of further increases in US dollar interest rates remains strong, coupled with news that Russia has mobilized for a war and is preparing to increase the scale of the war, which will only encourage more safe haven funds to choose to flow to the US dollar instead of gold.

The gold day trend chart shows that gold bears are still controlling the situation. Gold prices are still far below the bearish moving average. At the same time, the technical indicators are still in the negative area and the directional strength of the trend is limited. In the short term, based on4The hour chart shows a neutral and bearish outlook for gold. The gold price has already fallen below20Periodic simple moving average; and100cycleSMAand200cycleSMAThen move firmly downwards, far above the current gold price level. The kinetic energy index has turned lower, but still remains near the centerline, while the relative strength index(RSI)Accelerated decline, currently in40Left and right. This year, the price of gold has been1654.11dollar/The ounce bottoms out, and once it falls below this level, it will confirm that gold prices will fall even more sharply.

    You can follow above the daily gold5Daily line1670The competition for this position, as a short-term pressure, may continue to be a process of repeated competition, which will also determine whether the short-term market sentiment is biased towards being empty or more positive. Keep looking at the main pressure above10Daily line1690In the early morning, under the influence of fundamentals, the technical kinetic energy is limited, which means that if the technical rebound does not break this pressure, the overall state is still relatively empty. Stay tuned below for the day as well1655-50In the early morning support test, under strong fundamental pressure, this level did not break, indicating that the technical support effect is also relatively strong, and there may be a certain rebound in the short term. However, do not expect too much level, it is only a technical short-term oversold rebound. In terms of operation, conservatively speaking, one can continue to choose to wait and see until the market sentiment stabilizes and the market trend stabilizes before making plans to participate. Activism revolves around the above range for short-term low, high, and short-term operations, with opportunities for both long and short positions. However, no matter how long or short, it is not advisable to expect too much to prevent the risk of further abnormal fermentation of market instability.

Operation suggestions:1660Nearby, stop loss1654, Objective1670-1678(For reference only, specific locations will be provided on a firm offer)

                1679Near empty, stop loss1683, Objective1670-1666(For reference only, specific locations will be provided on a firm offer)

Analysis of the trend of crude oil market;

    Yesterday, the Russian side announced partial military mobilization, which was the first military mobilization launched by Russia since World War II. This immediately shook the world, especially Western countries. At the same time, the Ukrainian side proposed non negotiable conditions for peaceful coexistence with Russia, further escalating regional tensions, and raising concerns about further tight oil and natural gas supply. The decline in short-term crude oil prices may be limited. On the other hand, due to long-term insufficient investment in infrastructure in member countries such as Nigeria and Angola, as well as the recent impact of Western sanctions on Russian crude oil exports,OPEC+The production gap continues to rise compared to the target, and the supply shortage highlights the potential supply shortage in the market. Oil prices may continue to remain low and volatile.

    In terms of crude oil, on the one hand, it is stimulated by the short-term warming of the Russia-Ukraine conflict; on the other hand, the continuous pressure of the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates to curb inflation is still in a stage of mixed short-term, Another uncertain factor is the landing of Iran's nuclear negotiations. In terms of technical trends, apart from yesterday's news stimulus rebound that slightly broke this week's high point, the current high and low points of volatility are constantly moving downwards, which is a typical weak downward pattern. In terms of operation, it is sufficient to maintain the mentality of short selling with rebound. Below, pay attention to81-2The breaking situation of this low point platform. Crude oil callback82.7Long nearby, stop loss81.7, Objective85.5. (For reference only, specific locations will be provided on a firm offer)

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     Real time benefits within the group

       1Daily updates: market trends, intraday reminders, and opportunities to build positions.

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    While you are choosing teachers, I am also choosing clients. Sitting in front of the computer every day, regardless of whether it's day or night outside, as long as there are stable orders, customers are reminded one by one to complete their orders. Once they finish, they can be busy with their own tasks, and I will handle everything else.Single, remind to appear on time. Spending so much energy, if I still can't make money, wouldn't it disappoint my investment friends and waste my energy? Then I might as well sleep well every day easily. In the eyes of laymen, analysts are just a profession, and analyzing the market is enough. However, in my opinion, analysts need to do more than just be one-sided. Analysts represent a responsibility and a conscience. Investors have found me, which is a trust in me, and I also know that I should take on this responsibility, deserve my conscience, and deserve the trust of investors. It is better to do well than to say well, and to understand is to verify one's own experience. The suggestion should be given with reason and evidence, and I will not give a list without a basis. When the market is in front of you, give it to the one with the most confidence. If you dare to follow suit, I will do my best to help you!

    This article is provided by Fang Yuan. I interpret world economic news, analyze global investment trends, and conduct in-depth research on commodities such as crude oil, gold, and silver. Technical Director Fang Yuan provides online solutions, returns losses, and provides one-on-one real-time guidance on WeChat. Due to the delayed nature of online push, the above content is my personal suggestion. Due to the timeliness of online posts, it is for reference only and at my own risk. Real time ideas are provided at the current price. Please indicate the source when reprinting.

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