People who help you, don't invite meals to repay
People who help you, don't invite meals to repay
There is a saying circulating online: "Ability is the silver medal, networking is the gold medal, and thinking is the ace. That is to say, even those who have the ability and thinking also need networking to add value to their lives." Indeed, we inevitably have times when we ask for help. As beneficiaries, we often reciprocate by saying 'I'll treat you to dinner another day'. Another day ...
2023-1-18 21:09
The most commonly used in Southeast Asian countriesAPPWhat are there?
According to a joint release by Google, Temasek, and Bain《2020The latest report from the Southeast Asian Digital Economy Report shows that2020The number of new internet users added per year has reached4000Ten thousand, breaking through the total number of users4One billion people, equivalent to70%Population transfer to online. Meanwhile,16-64Filipino, Thai, and Indian age groups ...
2022-11-26 23:00
Don't envy 'sleep less at Versailles'
Don't envy 'sleep less at Versailles'
Some people sleep very little and still have a lot of energy, but I don't envy it. Scientific evidence shows that there are significant individual differences in sleep. I leaned wearily against the table in the living room, carrying my third cup of coffee, feeling dizzy and nauseous due to lack of sleep - I only slept yesterday6One and a half hours - I was thinking about a special kind of ...
2022-10-31 20:40
Are you investing or speculating?
Soul Questioning: Are you investing or speculating? Section of the course9Partially introduce investment practices. In the investment practice section, I have told you four questions:(1)Asset allocation; (2)Tool selection; (3)Fund fixed investment; (4)The difference between investment and speculation. The first question is asset allocation. Speaking of asset allocation ...
2020-12-13 12:50
teach4My year-old daughter plays video games, but my wife says I messed up the child
teach4My year-old daughter plays video games, but my wife says I messed up the child
Author: Goku, a 4 The father of a year old girl is a male engineer, programmer, and entrepreneur. Huazhang is written in the front: Electronic games have always been a sensitive topic. More than twenty years ago, electronic games were known as "ferocious beasts"; Nowadays, smartphones are becoming popular, and children are passionate about mobile games, which is even more exciting ...
2020-11-27 23:35
Maradona is not dead, just kicking the door of FIFA
Maradona is not dead, just kicking the door of FIFA
writing | On the night before Thanksgiving, Li Chengpeng's heart, which had once made the world's blood boil, stopped beating. Suddenly, it felt like being impatiently unplugged by a night shift doctor named 'God'. I always thought Maradona wouldn't die, he would only be fat, and he would only spread drugs, shoot journalists, and become poor amidst endless obesity ...
2020-11-27 22:56
From a loser to a social animal to a worker
Xiaomi, an employee who doesn't seem to have a low level, was criticized for saying, 'Those who win the loser win the world'dissYes. The result of the matter is that Xiaomi apologizes and the person resigns. The one who wins the loser wins the world, at least in the following sentence2014I saw it online six years ago. Have Xiaomi officials and Lei Jun himself been here before ...
2020-11-27 22:48

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