dollar/Cad - Considering the influence of the Federal Reserve, bears are under control 1.34
The dovish turn of the Federal Reserve to determine price trends, the US dollar/The Canadian dollar continues its downward trend and stagnates at9Month end low point(1.3419)But after the breakthrough, it will decline to1.3380although 100HMA The deviation may indicate that the loss may be excessive. Given the brief impact of US retail sales growth, bears firmly occupy a dominant position and the risk of rapid reversal ...
2023-12-15 09:13
dollar/Cad - Oil price plunge boosts bulls
New York morning trading, USD/Canadian dollars in D3 fall to 1.3549After rebounding, continue climbing,Subsequently, the currency pair approached 10 The daily moving average is close to flat, and the decline in oil prices is helping to boost; Brent crude oil futures are approaching200-WMAThe long legged cross star candle formed daily is in US dollars/Concerns about Canadian dollar bears: US initial jobless claims ...
2023-12-7 09:17
Sudden: The Bank of Canada maintains its main interest rate as expected at 5%
As widely expected by the market, the Bank of Canada (BoC) On Wednesday, it was decided for the third consecutive time to maintain the main interest rate at 5%. According to the Bank of Canada, the latest data "indicates that the economy is no longer experiencing excess demand.". The tone of the statement implies that there will be no future interest rate hikes. The Bank of Canada stated that it still feels the risk of inflation ...
2023-12-6 23:37
Preview of Canadian Interest Rate Decision: Hawkish Bank of Canada May Boost Canadian Dollar
The Bank of Canada is expected to maintain key interest rates at 5.0% No change. It is expected that policy makers at the Bank of Canada will not make minor revisions to this guidance. The policy statement from the Bank of Canada may exacerbate the volatility of the Canadian dollar. People generally expect the Bank of Canada to (BoC) It will end on Wednesday 12 Monthly Policy Meeting ...
2023-12-6 22:09

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