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Red packet description

1Activity time:The activity is about to start, please wait!

2Activity rules:
a.After the activity starts, users can start to participate in the red packet snatching activity,The red envelope amount is randomly generated by the system.
b.This activity is limited to registered members andVIPMembers participate. Users who fail to meet the standards should register their forum accounts first.
c.The total number of red packets per activity and the number of times each person draws red packets are limited. First come, first served. Members who can't get red packets should not be discouraged,You can continue to participate in the next round.

A large number of red envelopes are coming
Red packet dynamics
  • ally10Transaction currency11/20 15:42
  • ally4Transaction currency11/19 21:44

The activity is about to start, please wait!

Is about to start, please look forward to!

Check my red envelope