Xie Hongyuan:4.16The operation strategy of gold boom at midnight is bound to empty gold to the end

already existing 4771 Secondary Reading2021-4-16 22:13

From the technical point of view, gold rose yesterday, breaking through the previous high and reaching1770Nearby, the previous oscillation range has already broken through, and the daily double bottom pattern is perfect. Hongyuan believes that as long as there is no waterfall like pullback, the direction can be basically determined.4Hour, Brin with opening,KThe line steadily pulls upwards along the Bollinger track, with a trend greater than anything else. It has opened up the space for bullish upward movement, and the next goal is to test1785-88Nearby pressure. Fundamentally bullish news may not support bulls' continued upward movement1785-88A line of resistance. Overall, Xie Hongyuan suggests rebounding from high-altitude operations tonight, with a focus on short-term operations above1785-1788Frontline resistance, short-term focus below1768-1772Frontline support.

Midnight Gold Operation Strategy: Rebound1785-1788Short on the first line, stop loss1794, Objective1770-1772frontline;

TDGold Technology Analysis:

Driven by yesterday's rise in spot pricesTDUp, actuallyTDCritical pressure location376Regional stability means that there will only be a greater upward trend in the later stage. Today, do not chase high and if there is an upward trend376Nearby direct short air380The loss line holding game fell again.

Silver Technology Analysis:

Silver took the lead in stabilizing and rising yesterday, after all, the daily long signal gave birth to despair, and this round of rise is still weak compared to gold. If we keep up with the rise, at least26.5Yes, it has always been suggested that stabilizing and rising is safer to long silver. Of course, yesterday's rise supported an upward shift25.6Area. That is to say, under the fluctuation and rise of gold, the upward trend of silver is even greater. The overall operation ideas are as follows;


The daily long signal appears, which is to directly fall back and keep the long unchanged, while the midline falls back25.4Regional selective buying in batches25Just lose and rebound directly26.5reach27The area can be short and empty27.3Loss target26.2reach25.6That's it. After all, there are bullish expectations for silver industrial demand in the later stage of economic recovery, and there has been speculation in the early stage. It cannot be ruled out that there will continue to be a rise in the later stage, which means that gold will stabilize and silver will increase even more when bullish. correspondingTDThe trend of silver remains unchanged5200Strict batch buying5100Loss. Direct rebound5500reach5560Area Empty5630No damage to the target.

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