Ye Xiangling:10.24This week's gold empty order layout has come to a perfect end, and next week's goldTDSilver trend analysis!

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[font=Regular script, Regular script_GB2312, SimKai]In the blink of an eye, it was the weekend again. Here, Xiangling wishes everyone a happy weekend! In the depths of time, hold onto a light understanding and learn to be optimistic when investing. Don't let the future of you dislike the present self. We are truly alive, but not every piece of data needs to be taken seriously after it is revealed. Let bygones be bygones, let bygones come soon!Take a good rest, sharpen your troops, and be ready to prepare at any time. Smile and say 'come on' to yourself.[/font]

[font=Regular script, Regular script_GB2312, SimKai]Last night's data showed that the number of initial claims for unemployment benefits in the United States decreased last week5.5Ten thousand people, until seasonally adjusted78.7Ten thousand people, but the overall number is still relatively high.[/font]
[b][font=Regular script, Regular script_GB2312, SimKai]Gold market analysis:[/font][/b]
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[font=Regular script, Regular script_GB2312, SimKai]Technical analysis of gold shows that gold broke through a strong downward trend yesterday, with a recent Yin Yang transition and fluctuating characteristics. On Wednesday, the gold price surged to1931Frontline, unable to break through1933In the short term, the more times gold prices have surged, the greater the chance of breaking the limit. However, the more times they have died prematurely, the less likely they are to break the limit. This round of surge has reached1931If there is no break in the first line, the possibility of a significant increase again is not high. However, I would like to emphasize that the recent market has been a volatile one. Although there was a strong decline in the market yesterday, it is still important to pay attention to the possibility of a rebound in gold prices. Although the market is fluctuating, it is impossible to move back and forth every day. Currently, the market is weak, and we should focus on the gold price1894The high point since the rebound in the vicinity1912If there is a pressure position nearby, there is still a chance for bulls to break through. From a technical perspective, yesterday's negative line directly swallowed up Wednesday's positive line, submerging all the previously bullish market sentiment. Despite a significant downward trend, it still failed to change the short-term volatility pattern. Therefore, the daily level Xiangling believes that the market will continue to fluctuate next week[/font]
[b][font=Regular script, Regular script_GB2312, SimKai]SilverTD:[/font][/b]
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[font=Regular script, Regular script_GB2312, SimKai]SilverTDAspect, SilverTDYesterday, the daily line collected a high cross star pattern. After opening at night, silver first fluctuated and fell in a wave, and then began to rebound. The daily line's Bollinger band is still developing downward, with resistance at the top5280,MACDThe golden fork forms and begins to increase in quantity;4On the hour line, there is a slow upward trend in the development of the Bollinger, and the upper resistance level is5270Nearby,MACDThe dead fork is about to form and begin to expand; The hourly line has a trend of continuous downward opening development, and the upper resistance level is5230Nearby, supported below5130Nearby,MACDThe dead fork is still in high volume, and silver as a whole shows a trend of first falling and then rising, with resistance levels above it5230-5250, supported below5160-5130。[/font]
[b][font=Regular script, Regular script_GB2312, SimKai]Spot Silver:[/font][/b]
[font=Regular script, Regular script_GB2312, SimKai]Silver has seen a significant adjustment with gold, but due to its stronger industrial properties than gold, it seems to be more resilient. Silver on the daily chart has been at a low point since the beginning of the year11.3Starting from the US dollar, the fifth wave is currently in operation, and the structure cannot yet determine whether the fifth wave has ended.1Hour chart from23.56The upward trend line since then has been broken downwards and has rebounded to38.2%The position of the market will continue to focus on rebound structures in the future, with a focus on the golden section line61.8%(24.93)。 In terms of operation, it is recommended to wait for new opportunities in the medium and long term, and pay attention in the short term24.93A line of resistance, if there is a clear suppression signal in the market, it can be short. Upper pressure24.93and25.56, lower support24.40and24.00。[/font]
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[b][font=Regular script, Regular script_GB2312, SimKai]Shanghai Gold Exchange (Yijintong) (Goldtd)(Pudong Development Bank) (Industrial Bank)[/font][/b]
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[font=Regular script, Regular script_GB2312, SimKai]Author's Message: The way to trade is that hard work is easy to fold. Only when it reaches yin and softness can it dominate the world. There is no weak person in the world like water, but the highest good is like water.[/font]

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