Jin Cheng:10.24Analysis Strategy for Next Week's Market of German Index, Hang Seng Index, Nasdaq Index, Crude Oil, and Gold

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Weekends are not only about rest, but also a process of learning and self-improvement. Develop a habit of reviewing and analyzing recent market trends and reading on weekends. And every weekend is a calm extension, allowing you to better face new opportunities and challenges after taking a break. Some things need to be learned to be engraved on the beach, don't easily engrave them in your heart, as heavy burdens can easily drag down your running speed. Writing a weekly review is actually about expressing one's views on the trend of the market, and on the other hand, it helps everyone who is watching analyze the market and solve problems. As the saying goes, before the troops and horses move, food and grass go first. No matter how profitable you have been in the past, don't forget to summarize my three provinces in Japan.

  【10.24Heng Seng Index10Next week's analysis and prediction of contract number

The Hang Seng Index is currently bullish, with a bullish trend in the daily market, and a upward trend in the four hour market. In short cycles, only the hourly market has a slight downward trend. It is recommended to make a correction and go long.

Strategy reference: It is recommended to24650to24680Multiple orders entering nearby, resulting in losses24580Below, look at the target24990Frontline, Breakthrough Look25200

  【10.24Dezhi12Next week's analysis and prediction of contract number

Dezhi will provide on Friday11700Upper empty order, highest callback12708Nearby, look at the target11600Just arrived below. Currently, there is still a rebound trend in four hours, and the daily level has once again hit the bottom. There is a double bottom trend in the daily cycle, so it is recommended to take advantage of the trend in the short cycle to see the rebound.

Strategy reference: It is recommended to12560to12580Multiple orders entering nearby, resulting in losses12520Below, look at the target12730Frontline, Breakthrough Look12840

  【10.24NASDAQ Index12Next week's analysis and prediction of contract number

The Nasdaq is currently experiencing a four hour closing trend and may consolidate in the short term. There is a clear bearish trend at the daily level, and a dead fork trend is forming. It is expected to rebound strongly only when it returns to the support line of the Bollinger Belt's mid track, with high selling and low buying.

Strategy reference: It is recommended to11590to11610Multiple orders entering nearby, resulting in losses11550Below, look at the target11730that will do

Suggest using11770to11800Short selling nearby, loss11840Above, look at the target11565One line is enough, long lines touch11470Then all will leave the venue

  【10.24crude oil12Next week's analysis and prediction of contract number

Crude oil available on Friday morning trading40.80The empty order above, look at the target39.60Arrived just at the closing time. At present, it is still dominated by high altitude, and in the short term, short positions are still strong. It is recommended to wait until the rebound suppresses the position and take advantage of the trend before considering whether to go long.

Strategy reference: It is recommended to40.40to40.60Nearby entry empty order, loss41.20Above, look at the target39.40Frontline, Breakthrough Look38.60Can all leave the venue

Multiple orders suggested in37.90to38.20Nearby entry, loss37.40Below, look at the target39.30First line, break through to see40.60Can all leave the venue

  【10.24gold12Next week's analysis and prediction of contract number

Gold given within five days1896Multiple orders, with the lowest callback to1895.2Support, rebound directly after touching10USD, rebound1907Nearby, closing also above, currently reaching support, and forming a small double bottom trend in the short cycle. Ahead is1894.2Friday is1895.2First, maintain the original low many strategy, and then look long after the pullback.

Strategy reference: It is recommended to1898to1901Going long nearby, losing1893Below, look at the target1912First line, break through to see1922

If you still have no clue, rely on your feelings, aimlessly, and rely on luck to make orders, it will definitely not last long. I can help you solve your worries and doubts! Finding Jin Cheng among numerous analysts is also a fate. I will develop a complete trading profit plan and risk control plan based on your financial situation, reasons for losses, and usual operating habits, ensuring that there are profits available every day and continuous and stable profits.

Wen/Jin Cheng (reprinted, please indicate source)

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